Almanac Issue 1

10.00 - 15.50
  • Almanac Issue 1

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Almanac is a fully trans-led press based in Helsinki, Finland. We're starting our work with the first issue of our journal of trans poetics responding to the theme of light/heat, in time for Summer Solstice. The work includes long form essays, prose and poetry dealing with love, sex, illness, hormones, and other sticky things.


✧ 40 pgs, staple bound, offset printing with handstamped cover. The first issue is a limited run, so get it while you can.

✧ Features the work of 15 trans writers; Adam Azzaro, Daphne DiFazio, Mino Buonincontri, Clay A.D, Jenevieve Ting, Saoirse Wall, El Reid-Buckley, Nadine Rodriquez, Iona Roisin, Teddy Binot, Maya Simkin, Fiadh Hoskin, Simon Hauwaerts, D Mortimer and River Ellen MacAskill.

✧ This issue was edited by Shia Conlon and designed by Roby Redgrave McPherson.


✧ The base price is 12.50e, we offer two additional payment options, one low income option and another higher option if you would like to offer more towards the future building of Almanac.

✧ All sales from this issue go toward the funding of issue 2.


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